General Information

The Sunrise Way

Geared to provide quick response to customer needs, Sunrise understands the importance of quick delivery and reduced down time. Our competitive advantage is our location in Singapore. Our headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Singapore. Our close proximity to the major buying houses in this region and the majority of its customers who have their purchasing teams located here, allow us to respond promptly to their needs.

Sunrise has the advantage of being able to respond to all dye to match needs of each customer. We can produce to the customer’s exact requirements and ship products in the shortest time possible.

Our core competencies are specially designed to cater to the needs of the textile industry. We are deeply committed to the intimate understandng of the needs of the industry and the markets it serve, so our customers can confidently place their trust in us.

The full complement of services we provide include every aspect of manufacturing and production, quality assurance and materials management. Every investment we make is aimed at improving our service to our customers.

Quite simply, we exist for you.

Vision Statement

“We believe in maintaining a safe workplace which recognizes the importance of each individual’s contribution. We operate within a culture that encourages open and candid communication and fosters personal growth through education and training. We maintain a pride in ourselves, our job, and our company while remaining focused on benefiting the customer, the individual and the community.”

Our Mission

To be your leading supplier of sewing threads as a value-added partner through innovation, quality and improvement.

We strive to satisfy customers absolutely. That calls for on-time deliveries of excellent quality products and an ability to solve problems as they arise. We work closely with our customers. Many of our products were developed to suit each other customer’s dye to match specific requirements.

Sunrise products have been awarded the certificate “Oeko-Tex Standard 100” - guaranteeing that its sewing threads contain no elements that can be damaging to health.

Assurance Program

Sunrise manufactures products that adhere to the Oeko Tex Standard 100 requirements. Our extensive experience and quality assurance program have given Sunrise threads an international reputation for quality and high performance.

I – Quality/Measurement
Sunrise monitors its performance by measuring a set of customer-focused criteria against its performance targets. The aim is to help the organization enhance its performance through a focus on delivering increasing value to our customers.

II – Quality Initiatives
Improvement plans geared toward Company-wide adoption of standards and business processes are based on strategic initiatives, including:
- Accounting
- Safety
- Product & Component Reliability
- Defection Prevention
- Continual Improvement

Product Reliability
To meet customers’ requirement by dyeing products right the first time, all systems are thoroughly tested for reliability robustness. This is achieved during the early stages of product development by carrying out prevention-based reliability testing of equipment and the quality control of raw materials.

Defection Prevention
Sunrise has cross-functional teams who investigate and resolve problems at their root cause. Business processes that support defect prevention include:
- Quality management system
- failure reporting, analysis and corrective action system
- knowledge management
Continuous Improvement
- Company wide initiatives
- Internal and external quality assessments at regular intervals
- Quality Improvement Teams
- Sharing of lessons learnt and best practices

Research & Devlopement

Sunrise threads are continuously tested and improved on by our in-house research and development facility. New refinements and applications are evaluated before they are put into service. Ongoing testing also ensures quality and performance before mass protection. Our yarn laboratory evaluates new and modified yarn to determine if they will provide enhanced sewing solutions for our customer’s various sewing application.

General Information

At Work

Our work culture fosters the development of every individual. We are a fast growing, forward thinking company. We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers.

We value the well being of our people, integrity, a motivated attitude, expecting success, accountability, effective decision making, respectful behavior and quality.

Our personnel is comprised of highly trained individuals with extensive experience.


Sunrise’s industry leadership position is founded on our commitment to quality and reliability. The Company’s quality management system aligns management systems company-wide in support of our quality policy.

Quality is meeting the expectations of the customer. Our approach is to treat each customer individually, by understanding his or her needs and expectations. Our quality control methods ensure that customer requirements are communicated to all stages of manufacturing. Our objectives are to deliver o time and consistently produce what the customer expects and deserves.

Through flexibility in manufacturing and sourcing, as well as attentive customer service, the Company strives to be a reliable and cost effective provider of sewing thread products to the textile industry.

The Company’s strategy to accomplish this objective is two fold:
Provide High Quality Products and Superior Customer Service
The Company maintains a detailed and extensive quality assurance program. The Company also requires that its suppliers conform to Company and customer quality and engineering standards.

Manufacturing and Sourcing Flexibility

The Company operates on the principle that a flexible method of combining product and component purchasing with its own manufacturing and assembly capabilities can provide customers with high quality products and cost advantages.
The Company uses its manufacturing, engineering and purchasing expertise to achieve the highest quality and most cost effective methods of production.

Assurance Program

Community Support

Sunrise is committed to be an environmentally responsible corporate citizen. We comply with all applicable environmental, safety and health regulations.

Sunrise measures its value as a global citizen in part by Company efforts to strengthen the communities where it does business. In order to achieve its goals of being environmentally responsible corporate citizen, the Company has set up a special team to over see the implementation of environmental, health and safety programs.


Sunrise is committed to conducting its business operations in a manner that sustains the environment and protects the health and safety of workers, customers and neighboring communities. The company is in the process of implementing environmental, health and safety programs. These programs form an integral part of Sunrise’s business results and business management. This includes programs pertaining to occupational and product safety, environmental engineering, natural resource conservation as well as prevention of illness and injury.

Caption: Sunrise products have been awarded the certificate “Oeko-Tex Standard 100” - guaranteeing that its sewing threads contain no elements that can be damaging to health.